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🎉 Follow our design shop to grab a discount coupon! 🎉 ⏱ Assembly time: Approximately 30 minutes

Product Introduction ☕ Want to bring a surprise to your significant other during a romantic candlelit dinner? Let our capsule toy machine add more fun to your special moments! When candlelight casts on the wooden capsule toy machine, it sparkles like a gem of love, adding a beam of happiness to your sweet time. In this special night, let's experience the surprises and love brought by our capsule toy machine!

📌 Why did we design this product? We aimed to create a practical yet emotional capsule toy machine, which not only allows you to express your love but also adds fun to life. Its minimalist design keeps the focus on your thoughtful gesture. The 38mm capsules can contain Ferrero Rocher chocolates, a love note, or even a ring (unless your diamond is too large)! With storage space and mood light, it fits all kinds of gift-giving scenarios, even a dimly lit candlelit dinner.

Product Information Material: Basswood Plywood, Acrylic, Plastic Dimensions: Length 12.5cm, Width 11cm, Height 20.8cm + Signboard 3cm ⏱ Assembly time: Approximately 30 minutes

What's in the Box? Wooden structure Acrylic Capsules*10 Assembly instructions (Electronic file + video) You'll need to prepare an art knife and a cutting mat (not essential)

🌟 Features of the third-generation capsule toy machine:

  • Quick assembly, saving you time and effort
  • Front acrylic panel can be painted with paint pens, showcasing your creativity
  • Top signboard can be inscribed, displaying your affection
  • Capsules are just the right size to contain Ferrero Rocher chocolates
  • Built-in mood light creates a romantic atmosphere
  • Backside features a flip-up storage space to hide gifts, surprises everywhere
  • Can be rotated both ways, no worries about breaking it by turning in the wrong direction
  • Square appearance fits into bookshelves or desks, adding a touch of color to life

In this romantic candlelit dinner, let our third-generation capsule toy machine create unforgettable memories for you and your partner. It's not just a practical gift, but a surprise full of love! Start writing a beautiful chapter for your love, fill your life with joy and surprises today!

Capsule machine MKIII

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